Rainy Days

Rainy days are often my most productive days. When you’re cooped up inside all day instead of watching the entire Harry Potter series (guilty) pay your closet a nice little visit because today is the perfect day for spring cleaning. I’m going to cross my fingers and say we’ve seen the last of the snow, so pick out your big winter coats now is the time to wash them and store them. And if you lack closet space which I seem to always do than move out all the winter clothes you aren’t going to wear. You can store them under your bed or somewhere else in your closet or do what I do and put them in your brother’s closet while he’s at college. Then once you’ve removed all your winter clothes you will get a clearer look at what you have for spring. If you find yourself needing to go spring shopping I suggest you make a must have list of no more than 10 pieces. In fact you’d be surprised what just 5 pieces can do to amp up your wardrobe. So get cleaning.
XOXO Karen


Spring Style

This winter I was really focused on edging up my style, I bought all things studded, black and leather. But seeing as winter has completely overstayed its welcome I have worn my studded boots and leather jacket to death. So I decided to take a 360 on my spring and summer style and turn the focus from leather to lace. I’m going Boho y’all so get ready. I’m pulling almost all my inspiration from Free People.

My must haves for spring are: 

  • lace dress
  • peasant shirt
  • flower crowns
  • charm necklaces
  • any and every kind of bracelets
  • jumpsuit
  • kimono 

XOXO Karen


Spring forward

It’s the first day of spring, and that means more than just free Rita’s, it means we can finally ditch the boots for sandals. Unfortunately the designers had a different plan, keep your boots but add some cutouts(to let the air through, no one wants stinky feet). But add some floral prints, pastel colors and a flower crown and you’ll warm up your wardrobe.
Here’s a little Free People inspired spring photo shoot, photo credit to Katharine Milbradt


Wishful blogging

To think I was able to walk around downtown just two days ago in a sleeveless tee is crazy. At least march spared us one warm day in the midst of the consistent snow. Yet my spring clothes are again taking a backseat to my sweaters and snow boots. XOXO Karen


Hello beautiful

Just got these shoes and I am in love. The nude color is so versatile but the chunky red heel adds a little pop of color. Plus they are by Dolce Vita who I am OBSESSED with. Can’t wait to wear them! XOXO Karen!


Oscars 2014

My favorites of the night were Charlize Theron in Dior
Jennifer Lawrence, Girl on fire, in Christian Dior Couture gown with a $2 million Neil Lane necklace.
Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani, in the trending nude color.
LUPITA NYONG’O in this stunning “Nairobi” blue Prada gown with Fred Leighton headband and jewels


Flower crown

The fact that it could snow tomorrow could not keep me from starting on my spring wardrobe, and my favorite accessory this year is the flower crown. But since I couldn’t find one I really liked, or could afford, I decided to make one. Here is the finished product. It was so easy that I plan to make more. All you need is floral tape, green floral wire, something for the headband and silk flowers. Hope y’all like it, XOXO Karen