Free People and Fall

So this summer I was already predicting the trends when I randomly walked into the Free People store in Annapolis and made myself a little outfit. My friend snapped this wonderful picture as a joke but not two days later the Annapolis store posted a picture of almost the exact same outfit (with the exception of the model wearing pants not shorts like me).


When I got home from the store I decided to look up the prices because I really loved both of the pieces I had on and the cost was little too steep for me…Labryinth Poncho $168.00 20150916033229

and Bandit Embellished Rancher Hat $5820150916033504

So I took it on myself to find the same pieces at a more reasonable price and here is what I got!

First is everyone’s favorite store, Target. I found a very cute wide brim, black hat for less than $20

Women’s Fedora Hat with Braided Sash and Wide Brim – Black $19.99


Second was under the Brass Plum (B.P.) section at Nordstrom I found this awesome, reversible poncho for less than $50!!
Southwestern Poncho $48
Happy Fall and Happy Shopping!!!
XOXO Karen

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